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Integrated Child Protection Scheme: 2235-02-102-0-36


         The existing “Child Protection Schemes” like Juvenile Justice, Open Shelters for children in need of care and protection in urban and semi urban Areas, Adoption, and Child Line Services have been merged  and a new scheme  called "Integrated Child Protection Scheme"(ICPS) was launched by the Government of India during 2009-10. This scheme is being implemented in  Karnataka from 2009-10. Society has been registered in the State on 05-02-2011 as per the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed with Government of  India on 22-03-2010.


Major Programs  implemented under ICPS are as follows:


  • A programme for Juvenile Justice - Child Care Instituions for Children in Need of Care and Protection and Children in Conflict with Law.
  • Open Shelters for children in urban and semiurban area
  • Adoption programme
  • Child Help line.
  • Sponsorship Programme.
  • Vishesha Palana Yojane.


The Society also implements the following Social Legislations:


  • Juvenile Justice (Care & Protection of Children) Act, 2015 & Model Rules 2016.
  • Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act (HAMA) 1956
  • Guardians and Wards Act (GAWA) 1860
  • Protection of Children from Sexual Offence Act 2012 (POCSO) Rules 2012


Guiding Principles:

Child Protection is a primary responsibility of family, supported by Community, Government and Civil Society.

  1. Loving and Caring family, the best place for any child
  2. Privacy and Confidentiality:
  3. Non-stigmatisation and non-discrimination.
  4. Prevention and reduction of vulnerabilities, child centered protection outcome.
  5. Institutionalization of children is the last resort.
  6. Child centered planning and implementation.
  7. Technical excellence and code of conduct.
  8. Flexible programming, responding to local individualized needs.
  9. Good governance, accountability and responsibility.



Target Groups:

            The ICPS focuses on activities of children who are in need of care and protection and children who are in conflict with law as defined under the JJ Act, either as victim or as a witness or due to any other circumstance.


            The ICPS also provide preventive, statutory and care and rehabilitation services to any vulnerable child including, children of potentially vulnerable families, families at risk, children of socially excluded groups like migrants families, families living in extreme poverty, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and other backward classes, families subjected to or affected by discrimination, minorities, children infected and/or affected by HIV/AIDS, orphans, children of substance abuse, child beggars, trafficked or sexually exploited children, children of prisoners, street and working children.


Government- Civil Society Partnership:

            In order to reach out to all the children, in particular those in difficult circumstances, the Ministry of Women and Child Development does not see child protection as the exclusive responsibility of the MWCD, but it emphasizes that other sectors also have vital roles to play. Therefore, ICPS is implemented as a Government- Civil Society Partnership under the overreaching direction and responsibility of Central and State Government.


Implementation of Integrated Child Protection Scheme:



  1. The State Child Protection Society(SCPS)


  The State Child Protection Society has been registered on 05-02-2011. The Society implements various programs in 30 Districts through District Child Protection Units (DCPUs) and State Adoption Resource Agency (SARA).


     The State Child Protection Society Programmes are as follows:

  1. Contribution to the effective implementation of child protection legislation, schemes and achievement of child protection goals laid out in the National Plan of Action for children, in doing so, the SCPS will follow national and state priorities, rules and guidelines.
  2. Implementation, supervision and monitoring of ICPS and all other Child Protection Scheme/Programme and agencies/institutions at State level.
  3. Setting up, supporting and monitoring performance of DCPU and ensure proper flow and utilization of funds to the districts through ICPS.
  4. Co-coordinating, collaborating and networking with all Government Departments and NGO’s in certain specified areas.
  5. Carrying out need-based research and documentation activities at state  level for  Assessing the number of children in difficult circumstances and creating State- specific database to monitor and inclination of patterns.
  6.  Capacity Building of all personnel (Government and Non-Government) working under child protection system, strengthening and equipping the institutions and personnel for optimum results.


2.State Adoption Resource Agency (SARA):


In order to support CARA in promoting in-country adoption and regulating inter-country adoption, ICPS provides for establishing of a State Adoption Resources Agency(SARA) in every State/UT as a unit under the SCPS, to coordinate, monitor and develop the work of adoption and render secretarial and administrative assistance. SARA Shall liaison with DCPU at District levels and provide technical support to the child Welfare Committees in carrying out the process of rehabilitation and social rein.


3.State Child Protection Unit (SCPU):

               State Child Protection Unit has been formed in 2008-09 with the collaboration of Government of Karnataka, Women and Child Development and  UNICEF, Hyderabad to help the department in implementing the  schemes for child protection. 

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