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Information Education and Communication (IEC)

Information. Education. Communication (I.E.C)

     In order to effectively reach priority groups programs have to be promoted through appropriate media and communication in a simpler language, especially in programs for children's safety. Programs taken up this year under (I.E.C)are as below.


Painting Workshop for children of Children's Home:

      Under Integrated Child Protection Scheme, for the children from District Children’s Homes, workshops in collaboration with the Chitrakala Parishat was organized on 4.09.2018 and 05.09.2018 and on 6.09.2018 and 07.09.2018 in two teams for children who are interested in painting, to enhance children's skills in painting and to provide more information about painting to children. 60 children from 27 districts participated in the workshop. Some of these children are interested in continuing their studies in Arts, from Davangere, Shimoga, Tumkur districts .


 Karnataka State Child Protection Policy - 2016 Book Printing:

     In the description of this book, information is given about our responsibility of protecting children, understanding the child protection, the legal implications, the administrative principles and the criteria set forth and information on the supplementary criteria for child protection on the key challenges which we may face in the implementation of this policy.


Role of Judiciary & Court Procedure for Adoption-Book printing:

     Family atmosphere enables the baby to have the necessary love and care. In this regard the adoption process is an appropriate program that helps the orphan, abandoned and destitute children rehabilitate. The adoption program is helping legally to provide a permanent family arrangement to these children by providing biological caregivers. The role of Court, which can be followed in legalizing the adoption proposal, is given in the description of the book..